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"SAKINAH meaning TRANQUILITY - is a manifestation of the feeling of calmness that prevails in the heart as a consequence."

HOLISTIC ALIGNMENT COACHING helps individuals align their mind, body, and spirit to attain personal growth and optimal well-being. They typically combine techniques from various fields, such as life coaching, mindfulness, yoga, energy healing, and psychology, to support their clients in achieving balance and alignment in all areas of their life.

As an Alignment Coach I work with clients on a holistic level, considering the interconnectedness of different aspects of their being. This assists individuals in clarifying their goals, identifying obstacles or limiting beliefs, and creating a personalised plan to move towards their desired outcomes.

SAKINAH LIFE COACHING provides guidance and tools to enhance self-awareness, self-care, and personal transformation. I help clients develop mindfulness practices, improve their communication skills, manage stress, and cultivate healthier habits. By addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, holistic alignment coaches aim to support individuals in living a more fulfilling, authentic, and balanced life.

As an Alignment Coach & Coaching Professional I take great joy in supporting others to reach

their personal development goals.

Over the last 20 years I have worked within the specialist education sector, supporting,

coaching & mentoring vulnerable young people and families. Whilst working in

schools in London I developed my area of expertise with a focus on Pastoral Care,

Safeguarding & Child Protection. In 2019 I moved on to work as a consultant supporting

various educational settings in establishing their internal safeguarding systems &

 procedures to ensure quality assurance, safety & OFSTED standards.

In 2020 my personal journey took me on a path of self-discovery after experiencing separation & divorce. I was guided to focus on my own personal development & I began applying consistent and transformative changes for personal growth, which ultimately allowed me to begin creating the life I desired to live. 

Starting a coaching business has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge, training and expertise to help others reach their personal goals. My passion, intuition and experiences give me the ability to not only wake up everyday and love what I do, but also fulfil my purpose of being in service of others.

I cultivate & nourish amazing daily practises which have profoundly transformed my life, strengthening the relationship I have with myself and my relationships with others. I am organically in tune with my authentic self, creating the life I wish to live every single day.

Meet Aditi...


BA English Literature • Safer Recruitment • Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Lead • Behaviour Management • Trauma Informed Practice • Pastoral Management • Introduction to Life Coaching • Introduction to Herbal Mastery


Level 3 Life Coaching • Introduction to Reiki • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Training and Experience

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

Mark Twain


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"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."



To talk to me and arrange a free discovery call, please use the secure contact form below to get in touch. You can also email me directly at

All emails and calls will be confidential.


Locations I currently work in for face-to-face appointments are Kingsbury (NW9), Brent. An exact location would be confirmed before the session. All packages & prices will be discussed during our free discovery call.

All packages are currently being offered via online video calls or telephone. Face-to-face appointments & payment options can be discussed during the discovery call.

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